Dr. Ben Carson Endorses Trump


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Dr Ben Carson’s endorsement of Trump today at a conference in Palm Beach was a pivotal point in the Republican Primary in my opinion.  In his remarks, Dr. Carson spoke to the fact this election was mean to be decided BY THE PEOPLE and the fact the establishment was trying to take that away.  This is a big reason I support Trump.  I do not believe it is in anyway beneficial to the Republican party to spend MILLIONS of dollars in negative campaign ads against your frontrunner, when all this does is hurt your chances in the General Election in November.  How is it beneficial for all candidates to stay in the race, just to ensure Trump does not get the delegates needed to secure the nomination?  Mitt Romney going on TV to tell the American people to vote Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio, and whoever has the best chance to beat Trump in every other future contest left me completely speechless.  How can a former LOSING candidate refuse to support any candidate, yet speak to the people to splinter the party- all because you and your “establishment” don’t like the people’s choice.  To me that is just downright dirty- not just dirty politics- but lacking in integrity and character as a person.

Ted Cruz has spoken repeatedly that he is the only one that can “beat Trump”.  He also claims to be the only candidate that can beat Hillary come November.  I have reasearched polls that indicate otherwise.  Cruz is not winning in the majority of remaining states.  In states in the Northeast such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, he finishes a dismal 3rd or even 4th place.  Northeaterners don’t like Ted.  He is also behind Trump in states like California, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  Even if Kasich and Rubio somehow stay in the race after next Tuesday, Cruz is not going ot automatically get all their votes.  Trump is also pulling people from the Democratic Party as well as Independents to his team.  Cruz cannot do this- or has yet to thus far.  Cruz isn’t even winning the Evangelical vote- Trump is.

Cruz is only getting votes because people don’t want Trump.  Many “supporters” are not fans of Cruz, they just feel he is “the lesser of two evils”. Trump supporters are H-U-G-E fans! They are enthusiastic about their candidate and are excited about the changes he can bring to Washington.  What is Cruz’s record in Washington? Not of getting things done- that’s for sure.  Trump gets things done- that’s why people like him.  Trump isn’t controlled by big donors (Cruz has two families that have given $10 and$15 million to his campaign as well as Super PAC’s he is indebted to) since he has financed his own campaign.  Trump hasn’t spent millions of dollars on attack ads, yet the barrage of ads aimed to derail him last week were ineffective in stopping a win in Michigan.  While his numbers in Florida aren’t as high as they were, he is still beating Rubio in Florida.  Even with the nonstop attack ads running 24/7.  I live in Tennessee and witnessed these ads played before our election- they are nasty and mean and played constantly- but only fueled my anger at the establishment and the dirty tricks they are willing to play in order to keep Washington under their control.

The establishment is not only rich Republicans.  The establishment is the elite in both parties that control Washington.  This is why nothing is ever accomplished.  The only hope our country has of breaking free of establishment control is the election of an outsider.  America has woken up.  It is evident in both parties with the rise of Bernie Sanders who is a self proclaimed Socialist! But he isn’t controlled by the establishment, is whistle-blowing on the corruption of Wall Street and Washington. America needs to wake up and realize what is happening.  We are on the verge of a revolution in America.  The fact opposing governments are coming out to declare their hatred of Trump only solidifes the argument that Trump won’t play the games theother President’s have.  Trump is right- other countries are constantly taking advantage of our weakness.  In everything from Trade to Foreign Policy to Terrorism strategies.  China is killing us in Trade, Iran got the deal of a lifetime, and the Christain executions by ISIS isn’t even allowed to be considered genocide.  Nowonder forein leaders don’t want Trump elected.

Why doesn’t Jeb Bush support a candidate.  Same with Romney.  The fact the Establishment cannot back a candidate yet feels it appropriate to attempt to destroy the frontrunner with millions of dollars in attack ads just because you don’t want him makes absolutely no common sense.  The only reason I can come up with is one I didn’t want to believe.  Washington is corrupt and will do ANYTHING to prevent an outsider from taking control of the White House.  Even if that means losing probably the most important Presidential Election in over a century.  The Supreme Court nominations that will occur during the next administration will prove monumental in decades to come.  It makes absolutely no sense that the Republican Party would sabotage their front runner whithout having a candidate to back.  If they think a brokered convention and a parachute candidate such as Romney is the answer, their heads are so far in the sand they might actually see China!

I am eager to see what happens on Tuesday. Rubio just came out and said for supporters to vote for Kasich in Ohio. Classy Marco- I love the fact you refuse to drop out- even when people are begging you to for the sake of the party.  When you have candidates staying in the race ONLY to prevent the frontrunner from amassing enough delegates to prevent a contested convention, you have a problem within your party.  When former “establishment” candidates” refuse to endorse a candidate, while “outsider” candidates such as Fiorina and Carson are supporting candidates, you have a problem.  The problem is Washington and the fact America wants an outsider.  By refusing the people their choice, you will only fuel their anger.  Trump supporters will not change their vote- and many undecided will make their decision based on the fact the “establishment” is trying to control the election.  It is my hope that the delegates are secured prior to the convention in July.  It is my hope that Trump continues to garner support form people who are tired of Washington elite controlling our country.  People who believe elections should be decided by the people- not just the elite class.  People who are tired of living in an Oligarchy and want to see change in Washington- not just talk about change.

We shall see what happens…….


Feelin the Bern…..and The Donald

Wow! Bernie Sanders upset Hillary Clinton yesterday in the Michigan Primary where he was supposedly down by double digits.  There is definately a different feel to this years election in both parties.  The American public is fed up with Washington and the lies they have told us for years.  Promises made during campaigns but never kept, promises to make life better for the middle class when instead the middle class is shrinking by the day, while the rich get richer and reap the tax benefits afforded only to those who have money.

Wins by both Trump and Sanders in Michigan send a clear message to Washington.  Only problem is, is Washington even listening? It seems that for so long they believed they could fool the American public into voting for them, and then abandoned those supporters once in office. Only one problem- America is waking up- in recent congressional elections, Americans have been voting out incumbents.  This should have been a wake up call, but I honestly don’t think it was.  Washington wasn’t ready for the TrumpTrain or the Feelthe Bern movement.  They didn’t believe two campaigns funded without wealthy donors or SuperPACs could survive this far into the campaign- much less be performing so well.  The Democrats are using the SuperDelegate count already- when they don’t come into play until the convention in July, to make Hillary look like she has an unstoppable lead.  I believe this is a joke and should not even be allowed, but I am not in charge nor is my opinion asked for… It just seems we should be using actual voter data rather than future data that isn’t in play yet.

What about Marco??

Rubio got ZERO delegates last night.  NONE! Yet he vows to press on- vowing he will win his home state of Florida (where he is behind Trump) and reenergize the voters for his campaign.  Are you kidding me??? This guy’s numbers are so dismal I think Ben Carson received more votes than he did last night. I would think that if Marco dropped out, Cruz could win the state, since he is campaigning there.  But if Marco stays in the race, I don’t really see him winning with Cruz taking some of the anti-Trump votes and Trump’s numbers being so high in the sunshine state.  Would Marco drop out if he was promised the VP position under Cruz? I think it comes down to this: Will Marco sacrifice his political career for a chance to win Florida (odds of winning I liken to winning the lottery at this point but I could be wrong) OR will he drop out for “the good of the party” and potentially have a chance to be VP of the USA?

I would think the answer would be an easy one.  Rubio is young- has a whole life ahead of him to further his career- VP is a natural stepping stone to the Presidency.  But politicians are rather narcissistic and I believe he won’t quit- he will trudge on, probably ruining both his career and contribute to the splintering of the GOP.

When all this is over what will be left of the GOP? Will there be a contested or brokered convention that many seem as inevitable given the current delegate count and refusal of candidates to drop out of the race? Refusing to consolodate candidates results in dividing the delegates, which almost certainly ensures noone will be able to get the required 1237 to secure the nomination. Way to go GOP! I especially liked Mitt Romney’s Trump bashing the other day.  I am being totally sarcastic as I was actually disgusted.  To think I voted for this man in 2012 (after voting for Obama in 2008 and being disappointed over the next 4 years).  I don’t believe his opinion is warrented in a race he is not involved in.  Romney’s speech just angered me and fueled my desire to get an outsider in Washington.  I hope it did the same for many others- Why does Romney feel we need him to tell us how to feel about a candidate? That’s the elitism persona of the GOP that makes the party unable to reach across the aisle to get voters.  Trump is getting these voters because he does not talk down to his constituents.  He talks about issues facing the middle class.   He doesn’t sugar coat things, but that is his way.  He speaks the language of the people and doesn’t back down when pressed on issues.

Next Tuesday will tell a lot.  Will Democrats continue to Feelthe Bern? Will Rubio still be in the race? Will Kasich win Ohio? Will the anti-Trump ads be effective enough to secure a Rubio win in Florida? Will any candidate on Wednesday morning still be in a position to get the required 1237? Will Republican voter turnout continue to surpass all prior years? Will Democrats become interested and turn out in greater numbers than previous states? Will the Hillary email scandal continue to have little effect or will it become a more pressing issue for the party? (the RNC filed suit today to get her State Department records released). Should be interesting to watch!

Is America an Oligarchy?

White House

a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.
“the ruling oligarchy of military men around the president”
a country governed by an oligarchy.
“the English aristocratic oligarchy of the 19th century”
government by oligarchy.

In September 2014, Princeton University and Northwestern professors, Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page, published their results of a study regarding what influence on public policy different classes of citizens in the US actually have.  This article, “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens”,  provides insight into what actually is going on in American politics and why both parties are actually controlled by the elite class.
 “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.” https://scholar.princeton.edu/sites/default/files/mgilens/files/gilens_and_page_2014_-testing_theories_of_american_politics.doc.pdf

The article illustrates how the percentage of ordinary citizens (or mass special interest groups as opposed to elite special interest groups) who support a policy has absolutely no effect in whether or not that policy is adopted in Washington.  However, the elite and powerful’s influence is directly porportional to whether or not the policy is adopted.  If the majority of the public is for a policy or against the policy, it has approximately 30% chance of getting passed.  this is true regardless of whether public support for the policy is 10% or 90%.  One would assume that if 90% of your constituants were for policy, it would have a 90% chance of being adopted- but you would be wrong.

However, if you are a special interest or member of the elite ruling class (top 1%), then your policy has a much better chance of being adopted, irregardless of how popular that policy is with the general voter.

The article examines four theories: Economic-Elite Domination, Biased Pluralism, Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, and Majoritarian Pluralism.However, the article focuses on the Economic-Elite Pluralism and Majoritarian Electoral Democracy as those two theories had the most evidence.

They concluded that:  “In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule—at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes. When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or with organized interests, they generally lose. Moreover … even when fairly large majorities of Americans favor policy change, they generally do not get it.”

After this study was published, many reports emerged that America was actually an Oligarchy, not a Reblublic or Democratic Society.  However, I do not think it got the attention it would have if it had come out a few months ago.  With the 2016 Election being taken over by the elite of both parties, it is becoming very obvious that the “will of the people” only is considered correct if the elite class agrees with the “people”.  Both parties are disappointed with the people’s choice for President.  The Democrats are bringing in the Super delegates and the Republicans are spending MILLIONS of dollars in florida and Ohio on attack ads on their FRONTRUNNER just because he does not agree with their way of thinking.  It does not matter that in some states voter tunout was up over 100%, does not matter he is bringing in Democrats and Independents to the party which was so desperately needed, does not matter he is overwhelmingly the choice of the majority of the voters thus far in the electoral primary process.

Primaries today in Michigan and Mississippi will let us know if the TrumpTrain is slowing down and how many in Michigan are “Feelin the Bern”.  It will be interesting to see the results and how each party reacts to the results.  I wish the networks were not allowed to put the Superdelegate count in with the delegates gained so far.  I feel this is manipulation of data at it’s finest and deceiving to voters who feel their vote won’t make a difference. The reality is the count is so much closer than the media wants the public to believe.


Election Corruption

Presidential Elections in the United States of America are rigged- pure and simple. The election of 2016 has me totally convinced the people of our country are really not part of the “true” democratic process of our country.  The “establishment” of both parties want the public to believe they have a voice- have a vote, but in reality the delagates ultimately vote on the nominee of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

In the Republican National Convention, these delegates are not bound to their candidate IF, in the first round of voting, no candidate has the majority of the delegates needed to secure the nomination. Think about this for a minute…… The delegate for the candidate chosen by the people is not bound to continue to support this candidate after the first round of voting.  These delegates then become “free agents”, able to be “bought off” to vote for a certain candidate the establishment feels “worthy” to represent the party.  Just like congress and the rest of Washington, the wheeling and dealing will commence and the deep pockets of the establishment will almost surely result in the outcome desired by the party.  Or so the establishment wants it to go that way anyway.  In order to win,  a candidate needs more than populist support.  A candidate needs money, lots of it. A candidate also needs the resources of the party in order to launch a successful campaign against the Democratic Party and their establishment’s deep pockets. The establishment is banking on the fact it’s pockets are very deep and they will be able to win out in the end due to their power and influence over delegates and eve candidates in the election.

So far the two leading candidates in the GOP are enemies of the establishment.  Cruz is not liked- too conservative for the base they say.  Trump can’t beat Hillary and according to Mitt Romney (about as establishment as you can get- except for Jeb Bush but that didn’t play out the way they wanted it to) is a “phoney” and a “fraud”.  It doesn’t matter that Trump is bringing in Independents and Democrats into the party- even though that is exactly what the party has been asking for for years.  Trump isn’t indebted to the high paying donors and special interest groups that have controlled Washington I am guessing since day one.  I cannot think of another reason to be so against Trump.  Why destroy a party and guarantee a loss to the Democrats in November if not that? If you were to back the frontrunner  your party would at least have a chance in the General Election.  I mean Bernie Sanders is in the midst of his own revolution and bringing about the same enthusiasm as Trump.  Noone would have predicted a self proclaimed Socialist would have the support of so many.

But just like the GOP, the establishment has no use for a candidate that does not fit their agenda.  Sanders is exposing the corruption of Wall Street as well as the corruption in the party.  Calling on Hillary to release her speech transcripts from her talks to Goldman Sachs and other banks.  He isn’t even discussing the fact she has the FBI investigating her for the email scandal.  He doesn’t bring up Travelgate, Monica, Paula, Vince Foster,….. Which I would imagine a lot of his supporters are unaware of.  They still like him over Hillary- much to the surprise of the party leader.

Yet Hillary is the candidate the establishment wants to run in the General Election.  Does that seem kind of odd?? Why would you risk having a candidate with so much baggage- both past as well as present? The people are rallying around Sanders “feeling the Bern” across the country, yet the media does it’s best to spin it to Hillary’s favor.  They add in Super Delagates before they have cast their vote (Democratic Super Delagates can change their mind before the convention- it happened for Obama), they downplay Bernie’s wins and inflate hers.  Ultimately, they are just as sleezy as the GOP.

I am disgusted with the process on both sides.  What happened to the country created “by the people for the people”??? If the masses don’t really get to choose, then don’t make it seem like they do until their choice doesn’t agree with your agenda. I sense a revolution happening on both sides of the aisle- but not by the actual parties themselves.  this revolution is happening in the masses- the people want an outsider- someone not tied to the establishment.  But the establishment is doing everything it can to prevent this from happening.  House of Cards couldn’t have written a better storyline- except for the fact of how scary this is for our country.

Sanders is raising cash- he can stay in the race till the convention.  I hope he does and fights for a fair electoral process along the way.  Get the media to stop including Super Delagates in the count prior to the votes being cast would be a good way to start.  Continue to challenge the system and energize the base.

As for the GOP, tomorrow will tell a lot and by next Wedesday morning a lot more will be known.  Michigan, Ohio, and Florida are more important than ever before and rubio’s future lies with the state of Florida in my opinion.  I don’t see how he could stay on if he lost his home state- no matter how much the establishment wants him to be “their boy”.  His political future would be all but over if he continued to campaign after losing in Florida.  Same with Kasich and Ohio- although Kasich has a much better chance of winning Ohio than Marco has in the sunshine state.  But anything can happen- polls are nothing but manipulated data so an upset could happen. Trump has to keep momentum going his way- in the face of nonstop attack ads running in Florida paid for by the NotTrump people……. Not Cruz, not Rubio, not Kasich.  His own party establishment who has decided that even though the majority in their party wish him to be the nominee- that isn’t what the elite of the party want.  Therefore, they will do EVERYTHING within their power to tear him down- even if that means destroying their party, losing the election, losing the chance to nominate SCOTUS positions……. How is that a democracy????? How is that going to affect your voters who cast their vote for that candidate?? I am amazed at how out of touch with the “common voter” the GOP actually is.

Both parties are controlled by the establishment.  Both parties only care about special interest and lobbyists and the people who put them in office.  They are indebted to these people-basically owned by these people. Washington is Washington- run and controlled by the establishment to benefit the establishment.  Which is why nothing ever gets done.  Causes championed by candidates during elections never get the help they were promised during the campaign.  Our infastructure is crumbling, lead in the water in Flint Michigan is poisioning the residents there and has been for years.  Where is Washington??? Our country is literally falling apart but yet I don’t see congress or the President responding to this urgent matter.  Now what if this water crisis was happening in Washington DC? Or one of the wealthy Virginia suburbs that border DC? Maybe Congress needs to set up shop in Flint and live what the residents there are living for a month or two.  My bet is the problem would become an issue worth dealing with!



Election Disconnect of RNC

I started this blog not thinking that the 2016 Election would dominate my postings.  But I am so disgusted with the RNC and their attempts to “control” the nominee of the party that I must vent.  The more I research the political process (both parties), the more I feel the “conspiracy theories” that the entire political process is a sham.

As Rush Limbaugh stated on Fox News today, the Republicans havelong needed to expand their base in order to win elections.  Amnesty and other liberal programs they claim to back, only to not fulfill these promises once in office.  Why would they not want Trump- who HAS increased their base- to be the party nominee?? Stating he can’t beat Hillary doesn’t make sense, when alienating the frontrunner and his followers will only ASSURE a democratic win come November.

There is only ONE reason the establishment can’t handle Trump being the frontrunner of the party- They do not control Trump.  Trump is not owned by banks and lobbyists and special interest groups.  therefore- he will not have his hands tied at the table when it comes to changing policies in Washington.  That scares the HELL out of the RNC.  It could also be the “secrets” that he could expose once in office due to him not being tied to any special group etc. Every candidate up until this election has been won by a member of the establishment.  Democrat/Republican it doesn’t matter.  The Democrats have Super Delagates in plalce to assure a Clinton win- how is that democratic? Watch the news and 99% of the time they go ahead and add Hillary’s Super Delagates to her real count- Why??? the only reason I can come up with is to show the public she is the one to back if you want to back a winner.  Why vote for Bernie if you think you can’t win anyway….. How is this even legal???? The delagates are not committed to Hillary and could vote for Bernie at the delagation for all we know.  They are not committed to Hillary so why put them in the totals??? Not to mention the fact the Democratic Party is backing a candidate who is currently under investigation by the FBI! Could it be that she is controlled by the banks and special interest groups who not only have funded her presidential campaign, but also contributed to The Clinton Foundation, paid to hear her speak, contributed to her husband’s campaigns, …. You get the picture.

The Republicans aren’t so transparant with their deception.  Super delagates aren’t added to delagate totals and I even selected delagates by name in my ballot in the primary.  The delagates were divided up by candidate (there were even Bush and Christie delagates although I don’t know what would happen if I cast a vote for them- would it not count or would it somehow be put into the mix) and I was allowed to select 14 and then another 3 “at large” delagates which also were broken down by candidate.  I assumed these delagates were supporters of their candidate and didn’t really think much when selecting names.  But now with talk of a brokered convention, I conducted a little research regarding the delagates I cast my ballot for.  Please note I knew NOTHING of these delegates- had never heard their names- and had no way of researching their position on issues prior to entering the voting booth.  I now find out that if on the first vote no candidate has the majority of the delagates, delagates are not tied to their candidate and can switch.  I also found out that delagates are die hard establishment types who have a goal, but that goal does not necessarily have anything to do with the candidate they are supposedly backing.  What are the chances that the 17 delagates I cast by ballot for are truee Trump supporters? When did they apply to be a delegate? I would imagine many of the delagates I chose are not in their first rodeo….. And that disgusts the hell out of me.  How can we claim our country to be democratic when  our elections are at the very least a little “shady”?

As sad and scary as it is- it is the only thing that makes sense.  Mitt Romney would rather throw away the 2016 election to the Democrats- along with the appointment of Supreme Court Justices that could prove devastating to the founding principles of the Republican Party- than support the frontrunner who is expanding the party.  Think about that for a minute………  Why would he sacrifice such an important Presidential Election- can you imagine if someone did that to him?? But noone did- he lost the election- and now looks like a sore loser.  But mpre importantly, he is exposing the Republican Party for the elitist party it wants to be.  The problem is- the people are waking up- in both parties.  And they have had enough and want change.

I guess the Tea Party was the beginning.  And the last few congressional elections have shown the American people are sick and tired of empty promises.  The rise of Bernie Sanders- a proclaimed Socialist shows that even the Democrats are sick and tired of being lied to.  Washington has long promised relief to the middle class, but relief has not come.  I think the evolution of technology and social media have helped educate the average voter to what is really going on.  And Washington and it’s elite establishment on both sides of the aisle think the American public will believe anything they are told.  Arrogant? Yes- But that is Washington.  So out of touch- so believing smoke and mirrors will work time and time again.  Thinking both Trump and Bernie would fade away and not gain the momentum both campaigns have received.  America is waking up Washington- Watch out!

It will be interesting to see how these next few weeks play out.  Romney wants voters to split- Kasich in Ohio/Rubio in Florida….. What a mess. We shall see what America does. Cruz is gaining steam, but I don’t think he can sustain the momentum.  I don’t even know why Rubio is still in the race talking about winnin gflorida while he is like 16 points below Trump! Michigan should tell us if the NeverTrump movement is really working. And honestly, if it is working, I am scared!

2016 Election

What is going on with this country’s electoral process?? Do we not live in a country where elections are held in order for THE PEOPLE to decide who THEY want to represent their party in the General Election? A country founded on Democratic principles- where the government is created BY THE PEOPLE- FOR THE PEOPLE?? Why is this election so different then elections of years past?

Why is the front runner of the Republican Party being attacked BY HIS OWN PARTY when the American public has overwhelmingly selected him as their favorite in states that have help primaries thus far.  Trump has won overwhelmingly in 10 out of 15 states.  He has bought millions of new voters to the Rebublican party.  He has self funded his own campaign and therefore is not indebted to lobbyists.  New poll numbers show his ability to beat Clinton in a gerneral election.

So what is the problem? One would think if the Rebublican frontrunner was bringing new voters into the party and clearly the frontrunner- the establishment would get behind this candidate (at least at this point- I mean the train is out of the station at this point) in order to galvinize the party in order to beat the Clinton Machine.  Why in the WORLD would you form a super PAC whose SOLE mission is to take down your party’s frontrunner? Why spend MILLIONS of dollars to attack the man who is LEADING your party in the primary??? Does that make ANY sense? Why give the Democrats ANY ammunition? Trashing Trump isn’t going to make him any less popular- if anything you will only fuel his base.

Does Romney get the fact that when he trashes Trump, he also is trashing his supporters.  I feel the establishment is trying to tell Republican voters who to vote for.  To me that is an insult- Are you saying I am not smart enough to make ny own informed decision? Do you think I will listen to your speech and anti-Trump commercials and all of a sudden “get it” and change my vote?  I can tell you- that is a strategy that will back fire.

It is looking more and more like a conspiracy………. To steal the election from Trump in a brokered convention. Romney telling people to vote Rubio in Florida and Kasich in Ohio.  What????  The only outcome of that scenario is Trump not getting enough votes to secure the nomination.  What do you think will happen this summer in Ohio if Trump has an overwhelming majority of the delagates but is a hundred or so shy of the nomination,  The next closest candidate is hundreds of delagates behind Trump.  The public will know this going into the convention.  Does the establishment REALLY think it will be in the BEST interest if the Republican Party to deny Trump the nomination?? I think the public would go nuts! There is NO WAY that would go over well. Trump supporters would leave the party and the problem would be so much worse than it is now.

Why is the establishment so scared of this man? He is funding his own campaign, and in my opinion that is the problem. He will actually be able to get things done without being indebted to special interest groups like EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT has…….. He isn’t owned by big Pharmacutical companies, oil companies, banks….. He may actually be able to get things done in Washington, unlike every other politician who has promised change, only not to deliver the change once elected.

Mitt Romney iis currently talking on Fox news stating he would write in a candidate rather than vote for Trump.  What????? He also talked about a brokered convention and how if Trump had 40% and Cruz and Rubio have 30% each, they should combine delegates and take Trump out.  To me- I am incredibly disappointed in the GOP.  To live in a country where we are SUPPOSED to elect our President by a democratic election, only to have the GOP try and change the outcome by throwing millions of dollars in attack ads, bringing out your 2012 FAILED nominee to trash the leading candidate prior last night’s debate, and publishing letters signed by memebers of congress stating they won’t support this man….. SHAME on you GOP.  SHAME ON YOU!!!

I can’t help but think back to the forst debate when you tried to get Trump to say he would not run as an Independent candidate if he did not get the nomination.  He would not at first, but at least he was honest.  He said if he was not treated fairly by the party, he could not guarantee he would not run as a 3rd party candidate.  I heard Romney today say he hoped if the convention got brokered, that Trump would leave.  What a joke.  I never expected this scenario to be occuring when Trump was asked that question, but how ironic that this is where we are today.  Is the GOP giving Trump fair treatment???

I am fairly sure that NO candidate has ever been treated so poorly by his own party.  If Trump does win the nomination, he may not even get access to the GOP databases etc. In my opinion, these actions by the GOP establishment are downright sickening.  You look like a bunch of spoiked rotten bratty rich kids who just lost the soccer game to a rag tag team from the other side of the tracks.  Mommy and Daddy can’t buy you the soccer win- just like you can’t “buy” the election to get who you want in office!! Quit disseminating the party and get behind your frontrunner GOP!





Day One


I am starting this WordPress blog as a way to document happenings in my daily life.  I find as I get older, I feel the need to connect to my roots (geneology has become a mini- obsession of late) and by journaling, I hope to document parts of my life history as well as current happenings.  I hope to capture my current world, as well as the world my ancestors   knew.  I have come numerous stories involing my relatives that I feel would be of interest to future generations, and hope to chronicle these stories on this blog.

  My grandmother was always interested in genealogy.  I listened to her stories and love of the DAR (Daughter’s of the American Revolution- she was a proud member), but was never really interested in my family tree.  My how time changes a person.  My grandmother passed away in 1999, long before Ancestory.com, and I often think about how she would have TOTALLY loved the site.  And since starting my research, I have on many occasions, thought of my grandmother and how I wish I had spent more time listiening to her stories on our family history.  But I am continuing her research, and for that I feel she would be proud of me.