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For decades, the Republican Party gave voters the impression that they get to pick the presidential nominee. The much weakened GOP establishment theoretically has the power to choose someone else — but not, I believe, the strength of purpose to do it. The author of this dilemma is, of course, Donald Trump. After a two week pause in […]

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Protesters at Chicago Trump Rally

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America is in big trouble.  Last night’s protest in Chicago at the Trump rally highlighted the anger that is happening in America.  Groups like Black Lives Matter and MoveOn are organizing protests that are escalating the racial and economic tensions that are so prevalent in America right now.  Police are scared to assert their power to arrest people doing unlawful things for fear they will be sued or fired for their actions.  I saw people blocking traffic, disrespecting police officers, and causing major disruption yet nothing was done.  I have seen this more and more frequently- protestors allowed to block traffic, insult police officers (even throwing rocks at them) with no consequences for their actions.

As a former middle school teacher, I know how important classroom management is..  If I let my class get away with breaking a small rule one day, the next day they would not only break that rule again, but they would attempt to break another.  If you do not enforce the rules, people will not follow them.  Plain and simple.  If you have a teenager and you tell them if they break curfew they will be grounded, and then you do not follow through with the punishment, good luck getting Julie or Johnny home by curfew the next night.

We have let protestors get away with breaking the rules.  Consequently, the protestors are getting more and more violent.  the rise of anarchist groups seems to have risen during the last few years.  I believe this is because we havenot supported law enforcement- instead seeming ot side with the protesters and anarchist groups by allowing these unlawful acts to become lawful.

I am not talking about actions like the police took during the 1968 Democratic Convention.  Those officers were completely wrong in their actions.  But if someone throws a rock at a police officer they should be arrested.  If someone runs into the street and blocks traffic, they should be arrested.  If you throw rocks and loot stores, you should be arrested. But from what I have witnessed over the last few years, it seems only to be getting worse.  I fear this summer could be very violent.

Last night’s protest at the Trump rally in Chicago ultimately led to the cancellation of the rally amid woriies of security and safety.  It has been reported that many protestors were inside the rally and had plans to storm the stage.  After the cancellation was announced, many protesters inside the stadium erupted into applause and several were involved in altercations with both police and Trump supporters (as I witnessed from video taken inside the rally).  Outside, the protesters remained mostly peaceful- other than chants of “We Stopped Trump”, most protesters wwere there to peacefully protest.  Many I saw were Bernie Sanders supporters and exercising their right to protest a candidate they do not support.

My problem is not with these peaceful protestors.  Except for the fact their right to free speech in their protesting led to Donald Trump’s right to free speech to be violated, and that isn’t right.  Trump has the right to speak at his rally just as much as his supporters the right to hear

Another Example of Our RNC not obeying the Will of the Voters….

NBC’s Hallie Jackson reports Cruz has changed his focus to Pennsylvania and making a play for the state’s unbound delegates. Jackson, the network’s Cruz correspondent, said even if Cruz has a third place finish in Pennsylvania, they’ll win more than half the delegates. “It’s very telling that’s Ted Cruz tonight is not in Brooklyn or […]

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Super Duper Tuesday



Tomorrow is an important day in both the Republican and Democratic Primaries.  A win in Ohio and Illinois for Bernie will enable his campaign to continuue most likely into June.  Even though he has little hope of winning the nomination, by continuing to accumulate delegates by earning them the hard way, by the vote of the American people rather than Super Delegates paid by lobbyists and SuperPAC’s funded by the establishment, he is able to continue his revolution.  He has already forced Hillary to go left of her opinions of certain issues, and that will only continue as he is able to stay in the race.


On the Republican side, the stakes are much higher.  Both Rubio and Kasich have no hope of a path to the nomination, even if they win their respective home states.  But with Rubio down by as much as 22% and Kasich basically tied with Trump in an open primary in Ohio, both candidates are gasping their last breath.  Rubio sounds exhausted and defeated to me these last few days and Kasich has resorted to letting Romney travel around with him today- not endorsing Kasich mind you- just telling the people of Ohio to vote for him.  Give me a Break! Did Romney not learn from his speech a few weeks ago that America does not want his opinion.  I honestly believe the establishment has plans to parachute him in at the convention. I believe the establishment has promised all the candidates- Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich they will have a CONTESTED convention and told each of the three that they are “their man”.  But in reality, they hate Cruz would never have him as “their man”.  And they know that both Rubio and Kasich will have no delegates and therefore not have to be considered.  So Romney and his narcissistic self really believes he will “save the party”.  How wrong he is.  That is why Trump needs to sweep tomorrow and continue to gain followers.  If he wins Ohio, Kasich says he will drop out.  If that happens, Trump can win the required delegates needed to have the 1237 entering the convention.  At that point, it would be difficult for the party to pull off their plan.  They would have to change the rules and would never get the Trump votes and forever split the party.  I say they wouldn’t go that far, but in reality I don’t know.  They are willing ot lose the election, so they may be willing to destroy the party.

Trump is not a racist.  There is no proof of him being a racist,  yet the media wants you to believe his racism is the cause of the PAID protestors of George Soros funded groups like MoveOn.org causing violence at his rallies.  CNN interviewed the man who rushed the stage at the rally this past Saturday as if he was some type of hero.  Trump’s oppononents are blaming him for the vioence rather than condemning the protesters for preventing Trump his First Amendment right to Free Speech.

By continuing to single Trump out and blaming him for things beyond his control, the media is only fueling his supporters.  Like it or not, the man is bringing both Independents and Democrats to the Republican Party.  I do not see any other Republican candidate doing this nor have I ever seen a candidate in the party do this.  This is what the party needs, yet since Trump is not “establishment” and therefore a controlled puppet to special interest groups,  he cannot be the nominee.  Look at the lengths the party is going to to avoid a Trump nomination.  They are throwing away the General Election in order to prevent Trump from getting into the White House.  Why??? Ask yourself- why in the hell would the RNC spend millions of dollars destroying their frontrunner’s reputation with so much on the line in the General Election with Supreme Court Nominations? there has to be an “establishment” that includes BOTH parties.  They want you to believe it is Republican vs. Democrat but in reality it is “establishment” vs. the people.  America is an oligarchy and electing Trump as President in 2016 (or Bernie for that matter) is the only way to expose the establishment and end oligarchy and bring government back to the people.

I believe Bernie Sanders had little to do with the protests in Chicago on Friday night.  MoveOn.org PAID protesters were given Bernie signs as pitting Bernie against Donald works well for the establishment.  The TRUE Bernie protesters were there, but they were peaceful and not violent. Just my opinion……

Washington is Rigged

I just heard on Fox News that the RNC would rather lose the election to Hillary than have Trump win, should he secure the nomination and prevent a contested or brokered convention.  This is what I have thought for some time.  The “establishment” that controls Washington is not affliated with only the Republican Party.  The “establishment” is controlled by the lobbyists and special interest groups that elect the congressmen, senators, and President both Republicans and Democrats.

The Democrats have the Super Delegegates that ensure their nominee (in this case Hillary) secures the nomination.  The RNC will meet in April and I am certain they will make new rules if there is any way Trump has not secured the nomination.  trumpabcnews

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This is wrong.  America is no longer a Democracy or a Republic.  We are an Oligarchy plain and simple. Controlled by the elite class and favoring the elite class.  Trump (and Bernie) both threaten this system as they are both funding their campaigns without special interest groups, Super PAC”s, etc.  This scares the HELL out of the Washington “establishment”. For the past 40 years nothing has been accomplished in Congress, no matter what the candidates promise their voters.  Obama promised Change and did not deliver.  Voters brought in new members to Congress and the Senate only to have promises once again not delivered.  People are angry and sick of broken promises made by politicians.  Democrats and Rebublicans alike- people who have never affliated with a party are angry.  And people want change.  Our middle class is shrinking by the day, jobs and companies are moving overseas costing American’s jobs.  Obama Care has forced many companies to cut hours to part time and forced many people to work several jobs just ot make ends meet.

The “establishment” ignored Trump for many months thinking he would go away.  They put millions of dollars in their golden boy Jeb only to have him perform miserably and ultimately drop out of the race.  They then pinned their hopes on Rubio, but he also has not met expectations, and will most likely lose his home state of Florida come Tuesday. Mitt Romney has gone on National television to tell voters they need to stop Trump.  George Soros has funded groups such as MoveOn.org and BLackLivesMatter to protest Trump’s rallies and ultimately stopped the rally in Chicago on Friday night.  And Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich blame Trump for the violence? Give Me  A Break!!! To not stand up for Trump and his 1st Amendment Rights and instead use this to try and boost your failing campaign’s is pathetic!

I hope Trump sweeps on Tuesday.  I feel that if this isn’t won outright the RNC will undermine the will of the people to fit their agenda.  And if that happens I believe their will be a split in the Republican Party that may never be able to be repaired.  The RNC needs to back the people of their party.  I hope they realize this.

Preserving the First Amendment


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When protesting prevents free speech rather than preserving the right to free speech, we have a problem.  Trump having to cancel his rally in Chicago due to protesters brought in by the activist group MoveOn.org.  Now the Republican candidates are blaming Trump for these disruptions and protests.  Are you kidding me???

I cannot believe the lengths the establishment is taking in order to try and bring Trump down. I find it interesting that Soros has also funded Rubio so in effect by blaming Bernie for the MoveOn.org protests, they are also fueled by the establishment in the GOP. America is waking up and hopefully this election will bring the White House back to the people. Protests where free speech is denied aren’t protests. The fact Trump can’t speak for more than 2 or 3 minutes at a rally without being interrupted is a big part due to the GOP calling on anti Trump people to do anything in order to keep him from being the nominee. For these same sleazy politicians (Cruz and Rubio) to blame Trump is preposterous.
Trump Rally’s are quickly becoming hotbeds for Ferguson type protests- brought on by activist groups disguised as Bernie supporters for the most part. When asked in Chicago what they wereprotesting many refused to answer on camera. It is a sad day in America when today’s youth can be enticed by a social media FaceBook page to come out and cause disruption and not know really what you are protesting. In Ohio yesterday a man stormed the stage and had to be brought down by secret service.  I am becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of Trump as well as the attendees at his rallies.

Donald Trump has the right to speak and be heard.  Protestors should not be allowed to disrupt his speeches.  Those that do should be arrested.  I feel this is the only way this type of behavior will stop.  If MoveOn.org does things to undermine the election, they should be charged criminally.  If protestors cause injury to police, they should be criminally charged.  Protesting in America has become incresingly more violent and out of control.  MoveOn.org has promised these types of protests will continue and increase in number as the general election draws closer.  This is what has happened due to protests in Ferguson and Baltimore being allowed to get so out of control.  Police in this country are afraid to arrest the protestors because the law is on the side of the protestors.  Groups such as MoveOn and BlackLivesMatter have bought peaceful protesting to a level of violent, angry, diruptive protesting.  And that scares the hell out of me.

MoveOn.Org= George Soros=Rubio


George Soros is funding MoveOn.org.  George Soros is also supporting Marco Rubio’s (and Bernie Sanders) campaigns.  MoveOn.org was largely responsible for the protest resulting in Donald Trump cancelling his rally in Chicago last night amid concerns for safety of all involved. How is this okay? Using your right to free speech in order to supress a candidate’s right for free speech is fair and just? What is going on with this country? For Rubio to come out saying Donald Trump is basically responsible for the protests due to his rhetoric is laughable.  His buddy George Soros is spending millions of dollars to make sure the Republican frontrunner is not the nominee, including the protest in Chicago, but he isn’t part of the problem? Give me a break!!

Protesting has become out of control.  What happened to African Americans during the civil rights movement in the 1960’s was wrong.  People peacefully protesting- sitting in diners or in the front seat of buses is not the kind of protesting that is happening today.  The protesters I have seen lately are not being civil and should not be allowed to use violence and intimidation in order to achieve their desired outcome.  Police should be allowed to arrest anyone who throws a rock at the officer, defies an officer’s orders to get out of traffic, or causes damage to any private property.  Yet that is not what I see when I watch video footage of these protests on TV.  I see officers being pelted by rocks, stores looted, traffic backed up for miles, events cancelled due to safety concerns, and very few arrests.  I see this as a sign of officers not being backed when they do make arrests- instead being put on trial or let go and loss of pension.  Letting protesters not face consequences fo rthier actions has led to increased violence at protests and less interference by police officers when these violent acts occur.

As a former middle school teacher I am aware how important classroom management is to effective teaching.  Not enforcing classroom rules for expected behavior quickly results in an unmangeable classroom.  If the rules aren’t enforced, the students quickly learn that they can disrupt learning with no consequences. Students who have not mastered the content will disrupt the class in order to divert attention away from the fact they do not know the content of the lesson.  I feel this is what has happened with protesters in this country.  We have allowed the protesters to “not follow the rules”.  They do not face the consequences of yesterday when they pelt police officers and destroy businesses.  When these acts of violence are shown on TV, people see that this behavior is “acceptable” and it fuels these protests even further.  Unless we reign in what we deem acceptable and punish those who commit acts of violence, it will only get worse.  With summer approaching and people out of work and upset, it could get really ugly.  I don’t think this country has been so divided since the 60’s and it scares the hell out of me. The RNC convention in Cleveland this summer could become a hotbed for activists and protesters and a dangerous place to be considering how protests are going these days.

I hope Trump’s rally in Ohio goes off without a hitch.  I hope the protest in Chicago was a one time thing.  I hope I’m right……….. I am truly scared of what is going on with this Republican campaign as well as what is happening with the divisions occuring in America across both racial and economic lines.  I believe Trump truly wants to unify the country and has shown this by bringing many Independent and democratic voters to the Republican Party.  How are Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich showing they want to unify? The don’t even want to unify their own party for goodness sake.  Rubio telling his supporters in Ohio to vote for Kasich….. Has that even ever happened before? Who does that? If Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich think the answer to their “problem” is a contested or brokered convention they are COMPLETELY out of touch with the American voter.  What is going on now is dirty politics, and Trump supporters will not stand idely by while their candidate gets the nomination taken away at the convention.  These Trump supporters will not jump on the RNC train.  They will stay home or vote for the Democratic candidate (which I hope to be Bernie Sanders- another candidate getting the shaft by the establishment of the party and their “super delegates”).

These are only my opinions, and I am only one voice.  But I feel the need to express my feeling during this important time in our country.  I feel like I have been lied to my whole life by a government masquarading as a “democracy” but really exisitng as an oligarchy benefiting only the elite.  I feel this election is the best chance our country has to be run by someone NOT selected by the establishment and therefore not tied to special interest and big donors.  This can only happen though, if the American people are educated on what is really going on- not what the establishment and media want you to believe.  People need to vote and have their vote count.  Not discarded as “the wrong vote”, just because it doesn’t support the views of the establishment.  It’s not that I agree with everything Trump says.  But I believe that the actions of the RNC are despicable and disgusting.  I would imagine others feel the same.  Trump deserves to be treated fairly by his party- my gosh- he’s the frapping frontrunner for goodness sakes! I don;t see how any other candidate has a better chance of beating Hillary/Bernie in the fall.  Ted Cruz is not appealing to the masses.  All he has going for him is he isn’t Trump and has racked up some delegates by using this “I am the only one who can beat Trump” platform.  do thousands attend his rallies? No. Is he liked by his fellow congressman? No. Is he a unifier? Hell No! So why is he such a “great” candidate?? I believe the RNC has no intentions of having Cruz get the nomination.  They will try and parachute a “Mitt Romney type” in I believe.  but I also believe this will be a major blow to the party if not the end of the party.  Just my opinion.

Next Tuesday will prove to be a monumental day for American politics.  Can Trump pull off wins in both Florida and Ohio, effectively allowing him to potentially win outright? Or will Kasich win Ohio making it difficult to win outright? Will Sanders pull another upset like he did in Michigan, creating more momentum for his campaign? I know I will be watching!