Promotion to Rodan+Fields EC!!

EC ScreenshotAfter less than a month in business, I have earned my first promotion with #Rodan+Fields!!! I am now an Executive Consultant and one step closer to a Level V! I love what I do, and am so happy to be sharing #Rodan+Fields products and helping my customers achieve the skin results they have dreamed of!

But what I love most about this new career is the support I receive from my team and fellow R+F consultants! They are so supportive and helpful- so different than what usually happens when you are striving for your goals in a job atmosphere.  There is no competition between fellow consultants- everyone applaud’s each others successes and help out with each other’s cusstomer issues.

I also love the fact the products come with a 60 day guarantee! Even in the business end- if you sign up as a consultant, you have a 60 day trial with your business to determine if it is right for you! The products were developed by Dr’sKathy Fields and Katie Rodan, the Dermatologists who created ProActive. These chicks know what they are doing when it comes to skincare! The #Unblemish Regimen is the #1 (YES- #1!!!!) anti-acne skincare brand in the US and Rodan+Fields is the fastest growing Premium Skincare Brand and the #2 Premium Skincare Brand sold in the US in 2015!

Rodan+Fields cannot be bought in big box stores.  Origionally marketed in big box, the Dr’s decided their customers were hearing of the brand from their friends- not the girls at the make up counter.  So they had the vision of e-commerce and pulled out of big box.  By enrolling consultants and selling their product online through consultants websites, they were able to grow their brand, while also empowering women (and men) to own and grow their own Rodan+Fields businesses! This concept has proven to be enormously successful and is only just beginning in terms of worldwide growth as well as growth here in the good ole USA! With only around 100,000 reps currently, the expansion has not even really happened yet! Avon and Mary Kay, for example, have millions of reps for their companies. R+F is launching in Australia in Fall of this year and is already available in Canada.

Rodan+Fields has the endorsement of many people in Hollywood. Wives of several professional athletes are Rodan+Fields Consultants. The consultants range in age from 18 to senior citizens, from all walks of life, with all different personality types and economic backgrounds.  Their reasons for becoming a Consultant vary as well. Many do not NEED the money, but want to contribute to their family’s income.  Many Consultants use R+F as part time income to pay for extras, like maybe a summer vacation or sports costs for the kids.  Some consultants want to reach the top, while others are content to sell to a few friends and have their R+F products paid for with their commissions.  The choice is up to the Consultant! That’s part of the beauty of R+F! You make your hours, decide how much time you want to put into the business, and you reap the benefits of your success! Noone is in charge of your promotions within the company but YOU! If you put in the hard work, don’t get discouraged, BELIEVE you will be successful, be consistant in following the training guides, then you WILL be successful! No “boss” can look at your hard work and say you won’t be promoted. YOU ARE IN CHARGE!

If this sounds like something that might interest you, then leave me a message! I would LOVE to tell you more about this amazing opportunity!


Author: midlifemusingssite

Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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