Fight Over Delegate Rules Escalate For Both Parties [WSJ]

Voters have gone to the polls in droves during the Republican primaries, putting turnout on a record pace, yet the decision about who will be the ultimate nominee is increasingly likely to rest wit…

Source: Fight Over Delegate Rules Escalate For Both Parties [WSJ]


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For decades, the Republican Party gave voters the impression that they get to pick the presidential nominee. The much weakened GOP establishment theoretically has the power to choose someone else — but not, I believe, the strength of purpose to do it. The author of this dilemma is, of course, Donald Trump. After a two week pause in […]

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Protesters at Chicago Trump Rally

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America is in big trouble.  Last night’s protest in Chicago at the Trump rally highlighted the anger that is happening in America.  Groups like Black Lives Matter and MoveOn are organizing protests that are escalating the racial and economic tensions that are so prevalent in America right now.  Police are scared to assert their power to arrest people doing unlawful things for fear they will be sued or fired for their actions.  I saw people blocking traffic, disrespecting police officers, and causing major disruption yet nothing was done.  I have seen this more and more frequently- protestors allowed to block traffic, insult police officers (even throwing rocks at them) with no consequences for their actions.

As a former middle school teacher, I know how important classroom management is..  If I let my class get away with breaking a small rule one day, the next day they would not only break that rule again, but they would attempt to break another.  If you do not enforce the rules, people will not follow them.  Plain and simple.  If you have a teenager and you tell them if they break curfew they will be grounded, and then you do not follow through with the punishment, good luck getting Julie or Johnny home by curfew the next night.

We have let protestors get away with breaking the rules.  Consequently, the protestors are getting more and more violent.  the rise of anarchist groups seems to have risen during the last few years.  I believe this is because we havenot supported law enforcement- instead seeming ot side with the protesters and anarchist groups by allowing these unlawful acts to become lawful.

I am not talking about actions like the police took during the 1968 Democratic Convention.  Those officers were completely wrong in their actions.  But if someone throws a rock at a police officer they should be arrested.  If someone runs into the street and blocks traffic, they should be arrested.  If you throw rocks and loot stores, you should be arrested. But from what I have witnessed over the last few years, it seems only to be getting worse.  I fear this summer could be very violent.

Last night’s protest at the Trump rally in Chicago ultimately led to the cancellation of the rally amid woriies of security and safety.  It has been reported that many protestors were inside the rally and had plans to storm the stage.  After the cancellation was announced, many protesters inside the stadium erupted into applause and several were involved in altercations with both police and Trump supporters (as I witnessed from video taken inside the rally).  Outside, the protesters remained mostly peaceful- other than chants of “We Stopped Trump”, most protesters wwere there to peacefully protest.  Many I saw were Bernie Sanders supporters and exercising their right to protest a candidate they do not support.

My problem is not with these peaceful protestors.  Except for the fact their right to free speech in their protesting led to Donald Trump’s right to free speech to be violated, and that isn’t right.  Trump has the right to speak at his rally just as much as his supporters the right to hear

Another Example of Our RNC not obeying the Will of the Voters….

NBC’s Hallie Jackson reports Cruz has changed his focus to Pennsylvania and making a play for the state’s unbound delegates. Jackson, the network’s Cruz correspondent, said even if Cruz has a third place finish in Pennsylvania, they’ll win more than half the delegates. “It’s very telling that’s Ted Cruz tonight is not in Brooklyn or […]

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