Washington is Rigged

I just heard on Fox News that the RNC would rather lose the election to Hillary than have Trump win, should he secure the nomination and prevent a contested or brokered convention.  This is what I have thought for some time.  The “establishment” that controls Washington is not affliated with only the Republican Party.  The “establishment” is controlled by the lobbyists and special interest groups that elect the congressmen, senators, and President both Republicans and Democrats.

The Democrats have the Super Delegegates that ensure their nominee (in this case Hillary) secures the nomination.  The RNC will meet in April and I am certain they will make new rules if there is any way Trump has not secured the nomination.  trumpabcnews

Photo: abcnews.com

This is wrong.  America is no longer a Democracy or a Republic.  We are an Oligarchy plain and simple. Controlled by the elite class and favoring the elite class.  Trump (and Bernie) both threaten this system as they are both funding their campaigns without special interest groups, Super PAC”s, etc.  This scares the HELL out of the Washington “establishment”. For the past 40 years nothing has been accomplished in Congress, no matter what the candidates promise their voters.  Obama promised Change and did not deliver.  Voters brought in new members to Congress and the Senate only to have promises once again not delivered.  People are angry and sick of broken promises made by politicians.  Democrats and Rebublicans alike- people who have never affliated with a party are angry.  And people want change.  Our middle class is shrinking by the day, jobs and companies are moving overseas costing American’s jobs.  Obama Care has forced many companies to cut hours to part time and forced many people to work several jobs just ot make ends meet.

The “establishment” ignored Trump for many months thinking he would go away.  They put millions of dollars in their golden boy Jeb only to have him perform miserably and ultimately drop out of the race.  They then pinned their hopes on Rubio, but he also has not met expectations, and will most likely lose his home state of Florida come Tuesday. Mitt Romney has gone on National television to tell voters they need to stop Trump.  George Soros has funded groups such as MoveOn.org and BLackLivesMatter to protest Trump’s rallies and ultimately stopped the rally in Chicago on Friday night.  And Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich blame Trump for the violence? Give Me  A Break!!! To not stand up for Trump and his 1st Amendment Rights and instead use this to try and boost your failing campaign’s is pathetic!

I hope Trump sweeps on Tuesday.  I feel that if this isn’t won outright the RNC will undermine the will of the people to fit their agenda.  And if that happens I believe their will be a split in the Republican Party that may never be able to be repaired.  The RNC needs to back the people of their party.  I hope they realize this.


Author: midlifemusingssite

Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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