Super Duper Tuesday



Tomorrow is an important day in both the Republican and Democratic Primaries.  A win in Ohio and Illinois for Bernie will enable his campaign to continuue most likely into June.  Even though he has little hope of winning the nomination, by continuing to accumulate delegates by earning them the hard way, by the vote of the American people rather than Super Delegates paid by lobbyists and SuperPAC’s funded by the establishment, he is able to continue his revolution.  He has already forced Hillary to go left of her opinions of certain issues, and that will only continue as he is able to stay in the race.


On the Republican side, the stakes are much higher.  Both Rubio and Kasich have no hope of a path to the nomination, even if they win their respective home states.  But with Rubio down by as much as 22% and Kasich basically tied with Trump in an open primary in Ohio, both candidates are gasping their last breath.  Rubio sounds exhausted and defeated to me these last few days and Kasich has resorted to letting Romney travel around with him today- not endorsing Kasich mind you- just telling the people of Ohio to vote for him.  Give me a Break! Did Romney not learn from his speech a few weeks ago that America does not want his opinion.  I honestly believe the establishment has plans to parachute him in at the convention. I believe the establishment has promised all the candidates- Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich they will have a CONTESTED convention and told each of the three that they are “their man”.  But in reality, they hate Cruz would never have him as “their man”.  And they know that both Rubio and Kasich will have no delegates and therefore not have to be considered.  So Romney and his narcissistic self really believes he will “save the party”.  How wrong he is.  That is why Trump needs to sweep tomorrow and continue to gain followers.  If he wins Ohio, Kasich says he will drop out.  If that happens, Trump can win the required delegates needed to have the 1237 entering the convention.  At that point, it would be difficult for the party to pull off their plan.  They would have to change the rules and would never get the Trump votes and forever split the party.  I say they wouldn’t go that far, but in reality I don’t know.  They are willing ot lose the election, so they may be willing to destroy the party.

Trump is not a racist.  There is no proof of him being a racist,  yet the media wants you to believe his racism is the cause of the PAID protestors of George Soros funded groups like causing violence at his rallies.  CNN interviewed the man who rushed the stage at the rally this past Saturday as if he was some type of hero.  Trump’s oppononents are blaming him for the vioence rather than condemning the protesters for preventing Trump his First Amendment right to Free Speech.

By continuing to single Trump out and blaming him for things beyond his control, the media is only fueling his supporters.  Like it or not, the man is bringing both Independents and Democrats to the Republican Party.  I do not see any other Republican candidate doing this nor have I ever seen a candidate in the party do this.  This is what the party needs, yet since Trump is not “establishment” and therefore a controlled puppet to special interest groups,  he cannot be the nominee.  Look at the lengths the party is going to to avoid a Trump nomination.  They are throwing away the General Election in order to prevent Trump from getting into the White House.  Why??? Ask yourself- why in the hell would the RNC spend millions of dollars destroying their frontrunner’s reputation with so much on the line in the General Election with Supreme Court Nominations? there has to be an “establishment” that includes BOTH parties.  They want you to believe it is Republican vs. Democrat but in reality it is “establishment” vs. the people.  America is an oligarchy and electing Trump as President in 2016 (or Bernie for that matter) is the only way to expose the establishment and end oligarchy and bring government back to the people.

I believe Bernie Sanders had little to do with the protests in Chicago on Friday night. PAID protesters were given Bernie signs as pitting Bernie against Donald works well for the establishment.  The TRUE Bernie protesters were there, but they were peaceful and not violent. Just my opinion……


Author: midlifemusingssite

Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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