Preserving the First Amendment


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When protesting prevents free speech rather than preserving the right to free speech, we have a problem.  Trump having to cancel his rally in Chicago due to protesters brought in by the activist group  Now the Republican candidates are blaming Trump for these disruptions and protests.  Are you kidding me???

I cannot believe the lengths the establishment is taking in order to try and bring Trump down. I find it interesting that Soros has also funded Rubio so in effect by blaming Bernie for the protests, they are also fueled by the establishment in the GOP. America is waking up and hopefully this election will bring the White House back to the people. Protests where free speech is denied aren’t protests. The fact Trump can’t speak for more than 2 or 3 minutes at a rally without being interrupted is a big part due to the GOP calling on anti Trump people to do anything in order to keep him from being the nominee. For these same sleazy politicians (Cruz and Rubio) to blame Trump is preposterous.
Trump Rally’s are quickly becoming hotbeds for Ferguson type protests- brought on by activist groups disguised as Bernie supporters for the most part. When asked in Chicago what they wereprotesting many refused to answer on camera. It is a sad day in America when today’s youth can be enticed by a social media FaceBook page to come out and cause disruption and not know really what you are protesting. In Ohio yesterday a man stormed the stage and had to be brought down by secret service.  I am becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of Trump as well as the attendees at his rallies.

Donald Trump has the right to speak and be heard.  Protestors should not be allowed to disrupt his speeches.  Those that do should be arrested.  I feel this is the only way this type of behavior will stop.  If does things to undermine the election, they should be charged criminally.  If protestors cause injury to police, they should be criminally charged.  Protesting in America has become incresingly more violent and out of control. has promised these types of protests will continue and increase in number as the general election draws closer.  This is what has happened due to protests in Ferguson and Baltimore being allowed to get so out of control.  Police in this country are afraid to arrest the protestors because the law is on the side of the protestors.  Groups such as MoveOn and BlackLivesMatter have bought peaceful protesting to a level of violent, angry, diruptive protesting.  And that scares the hell out of me.


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