MoveOn.Org= George Soros=Rubio


George Soros is funding  George Soros is also supporting Marco Rubio’s (and Bernie Sanders) campaigns. was largely responsible for the protest resulting in Donald Trump cancelling his rally in Chicago last night amid concerns for safety of all involved. How is this okay? Using your right to free speech in order to supress a candidate’s right for free speech is fair and just? What is going on with this country? For Rubio to come out saying Donald Trump is basically responsible for the protests due to his rhetoric is laughable.  His buddy George Soros is spending millions of dollars to make sure the Republican frontrunner is not the nominee, including the protest in Chicago, but he isn’t part of the problem? Give me a break!!

Protesting has become out of control.  What happened to African Americans during the civil rights movement in the 1960’s was wrong.  People peacefully protesting- sitting in diners or in the front seat of buses is not the kind of protesting that is happening today.  The protesters I have seen lately are not being civil and should not be allowed to use violence and intimidation in order to achieve their desired outcome.  Police should be allowed to arrest anyone who throws a rock at the officer, defies an officer’s orders to get out of traffic, or causes damage to any private property.  Yet that is not what I see when I watch video footage of these protests on TV.  I see officers being pelted by rocks, stores looted, traffic backed up for miles, events cancelled due to safety concerns, and very few arrests.  I see this as a sign of officers not being backed when they do make arrests- instead being put on trial or let go and loss of pension.  Letting protesters not face consequences fo rthier actions has led to increased violence at protests and less interference by police officers when these violent acts occur.

As a former middle school teacher I am aware how important classroom management is to effective teaching.  Not enforcing classroom rules for expected behavior quickly results in an unmangeable classroom.  If the rules aren’t enforced, the students quickly learn that they can disrupt learning with no consequences. Students who have not mastered the content will disrupt the class in order to divert attention away from the fact they do not know the content of the lesson.  I feel this is what has happened with protesters in this country.  We have allowed the protesters to “not follow the rules”.  They do not face the consequences of yesterday when they pelt police officers and destroy businesses.  When these acts of violence are shown on TV, people see that this behavior is “acceptable” and it fuels these protests even further.  Unless we reign in what we deem acceptable and punish those who commit acts of violence, it will only get worse.  With summer approaching and people out of work and upset, it could get really ugly.  I don’t think this country has been so divided since the 60’s and it scares the hell out of me. The RNC convention in Cleveland this summer could become a hotbed for activists and protesters and a dangerous place to be considering how protests are going these days.

I hope Trump’s rally in Ohio goes off without a hitch.  I hope the protest in Chicago was a one time thing.  I hope I’m right……….. I am truly scared of what is going on with this Republican campaign as well as what is happening with the divisions occuring in America across both racial and economic lines.  I believe Trump truly wants to unify the country and has shown this by bringing many Independent and democratic voters to the Republican Party.  How are Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich showing they want to unify? The don’t even want to unify their own party for goodness sake.  Rubio telling his supporters in Ohio to vote for Kasich….. Has that even ever happened before? Who does that? If Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich think the answer to their “problem” is a contested or brokered convention they are COMPLETELY out of touch with the American voter.  What is going on now is dirty politics, and Trump supporters will not stand idely by while their candidate gets the nomination taken away at the convention.  These Trump supporters will not jump on the RNC train.  They will stay home or vote for the Democratic candidate (which I hope to be Bernie Sanders- another candidate getting the shaft by the establishment of the party and their “super delegates”).

These are only my opinions, and I am only one voice.  But I feel the need to express my feeling during this important time in our country.  I feel like I have been lied to my whole life by a government masquarading as a “democracy” but really exisitng as an oligarchy benefiting only the elite.  I feel this election is the best chance our country has to be run by someone NOT selected by the establishment and therefore not tied to special interest and big donors.  This can only happen though, if the American people are educated on what is really going on- not what the establishment and media want you to believe.  People need to vote and have their vote count.  Not discarded as “the wrong vote”, just because it doesn’t support the views of the establishment.  It’s not that I agree with everything Trump says.  But I believe that the actions of the RNC are despicable and disgusting.  I would imagine others feel the same.  Trump deserves to be treated fairly by his party- my gosh- he’s the frapping frontrunner for goodness sakes! I don;t see how any other candidate has a better chance of beating Hillary/Bernie in the fall.  Ted Cruz is not appealing to the masses.  All he has going for him is he isn’t Trump and has racked up some delegates by using this “I am the only one who can beat Trump” platform.  do thousands attend his rallies? No. Is he liked by his fellow congressman? No. Is he a unifier? Hell No! So why is he such a “great” candidate?? I believe the RNC has no intentions of having Cruz get the nomination.  They will try and parachute a “Mitt Romney type” in I believe.  but I also believe this will be a major blow to the party if not the end of the party.  Just my opinion.

Next Tuesday will prove to be a monumental day for American politics.  Can Trump pull off wins in both Florida and Ohio, effectively allowing him to potentially win outright? Or will Kasich win Ohio making it difficult to win outright? Will Sanders pull another upset like he did in Michigan, creating more momentum for his campaign? I know I will be watching!









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