Dr. Ben Carson Endorses Trump


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Dr Ben Carson’s endorsement of Trump today at a conference in Palm Beach was a pivotal point in the Republican Primary in my opinion.  In his remarks, Dr. Carson spoke to the fact this election was mean to be decided BY THE PEOPLE and the fact the establishment was trying to take that away.  This is a big reason I support Trump.  I do not believe it is in anyway beneficial to the Republican party to spend MILLIONS of dollars in negative campaign ads against your frontrunner, when all this does is hurt your chances in the General Election in November.  How is it beneficial for all candidates to stay in the race, just to ensure Trump does not get the delegates needed to secure the nomination?  Mitt Romney going on TV to tell the American people to vote Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio, and whoever has the best chance to beat Trump in every other future contest left me completely speechless.  How can a former LOSING candidate refuse to support any candidate, yet speak to the people to splinter the party- all because you and your “establishment” don’t like the people’s choice.  To me that is just downright dirty- not just dirty politics- but lacking in integrity and character as a person.

Ted Cruz has spoken repeatedly that he is the only one that can “beat Trump”.  He also claims to be the only candidate that can beat Hillary come November.  I have reasearched polls that indicate otherwise.  Cruz is not winning in the majority of remaining states.  In states in the Northeast such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, he finishes a dismal 3rd or even 4th place.  Northeaterners don’t like Ted.  He is also behind Trump in states like California, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  Even if Kasich and Rubio somehow stay in the race after next Tuesday, Cruz is not going ot automatically get all their votes.  Trump is also pulling people from the Democratic Party as well as Independents to his team.  Cruz cannot do this- or has yet to thus far.  Cruz isn’t even winning the Evangelical vote- Trump is.

Cruz is only getting votes because people don’t want Trump.  Many “supporters” are not fans of Cruz, they just feel he is “the lesser of two evils”. Trump supporters are H-U-G-E fans! They are enthusiastic about their candidate and are excited about the changes he can bring to Washington.  What is Cruz’s record in Washington? Not of getting things done- that’s for sure.  Trump gets things done- that’s why people like him.  Trump isn’t controlled by big donors (Cruz has two families that have given $10 and$15 million to his campaign as well as Super PAC’s he is indebted to) since he has financed his own campaign.  Trump hasn’t spent millions of dollars on attack ads, yet the barrage of ads aimed to derail him last week were ineffective in stopping a win in Michigan.  While his numbers in Florida aren’t as high as they were, he is still beating Rubio in Florida.  Even with the nonstop attack ads running 24/7.  I live in Tennessee and witnessed these ads played before our election- they are nasty and mean and played constantly- but only fueled my anger at the establishment and the dirty tricks they are willing to play in order to keep Washington under their control.

The establishment is not only rich Republicans.  The establishment is the elite in both parties that control Washington.  This is why nothing is ever accomplished.  The only hope our country has of breaking free of establishment control is the election of an outsider.  America has woken up.  It is evident in both parties with the rise of Bernie Sanders who is a self proclaimed Socialist! But he isn’t controlled by the establishment, is whistle-blowing on the corruption of Wall Street and Washington. America needs to wake up and realize what is happening.  We are on the verge of a revolution in America.  The fact opposing governments are coming out to declare their hatred of Trump only solidifes the argument that Trump won’t play the games theother President’s have.  Trump is right- other countries are constantly taking advantage of our weakness.  In everything from Trade to Foreign Policy to Terrorism strategies.  China is killing us in Trade, Iran got the deal of a lifetime, and the Christain executions by ISIS isn’t even allowed to be considered genocide.  Nowonder forein leaders don’t want Trump elected.

Why doesn’t Jeb Bush support a candidate.  Same with Romney.  The fact the Establishment cannot back a candidate yet feels it appropriate to attempt to destroy the frontrunner with millions of dollars in attack ads just because you don’t want him makes absolutely no common sense.  The only reason I can come up with is one I didn’t want to believe.  Washington is corrupt and will do ANYTHING to prevent an outsider from taking control of the White House.  Even if that means losing probably the most important Presidential Election in over a century.  The Supreme Court nominations that will occur during the next administration will prove monumental in decades to come.  It makes absolutely no sense that the Republican Party would sabotage their front runner whithout having a candidate to back.  If they think a brokered convention and a parachute candidate such as Romney is the answer, their heads are so far in the sand they might actually see China!

I am eager to see what happens on Tuesday. Rubio just came out and said for supporters to vote for Kasich in Ohio. Classy Marco- I love the fact you refuse to drop out- even when people are begging you to for the sake of the party.  When you have candidates staying in the race ONLY to prevent the frontrunner from amassing enough delegates to prevent a contested convention, you have a problem within your party.  When former “establishment” candidates” refuse to endorse a candidate, while “outsider” candidates such as Fiorina and Carson are supporting candidates, you have a problem.  The problem is Washington and the fact America wants an outsider.  By refusing the people their choice, you will only fuel their anger.  Trump supporters will not change their vote- and many undecided will make their decision based on the fact the “establishment” is trying to control the election.  It is my hope that the delegates are secured prior to the convention in July.  It is my hope that Trump continues to garner support form people who are tired of Washington elite controlling our country.  People who believe elections should be decided by the people- not just the elite class.  People who are tired of living in an Oligarchy and want to see change in Washington- not just talk about change.

We shall see what happens…….


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Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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