Feelin the Bern…..and The Donald

Wow! Bernie Sanders upset Hillary Clinton yesterday in the Michigan Primary where he was supposedly down by double digits.  There is definately a different feel to this years election in both parties.  The American public is fed up with Washington and the lies they have told us for years.  Promises made during campaigns but never kept, promises to make life better for the middle class when instead the middle class is shrinking by the day, while the rich get richer and reap the tax benefits afforded only to those who have money.

Wins by both Trump and Sanders in Michigan send a clear message to Washington.  Only problem is, is Washington even listening? It seems that for so long they believed they could fool the American public into voting for them, and then abandoned those supporters once in office. Only one problem- America is waking up- in recent congressional elections, Americans have been voting out incumbents.  This should have been a wake up call, but I honestly don’t think it was.  Washington wasn’t ready for the TrumpTrain or the Feelthe Bern movement.  They didn’t believe two campaigns funded without wealthy donors or SuperPACs could survive this far into the campaign- much less be performing so well.  The Democrats are using the SuperDelegate count already- when they don’t come into play until the convention in July, to make Hillary look like she has an unstoppable lead.  I believe this is a joke and should not even be allowed, but I am not in charge nor is my opinion asked for… It just seems we should be using actual voter data rather than future data that isn’t in play yet.

What about Marco??

Rubio got ZERO delegates last night.  NONE! Yet he vows to press on- vowing he will win his home state of Florida (where he is behind Trump) and reenergize the voters for his campaign.  Are you kidding me??? This guy’s numbers are so dismal I think Ben Carson received more votes than he did last night. I would think that if Marco dropped out, Cruz could win the state, since he is campaigning there.  But if Marco stays in the race, I don’t really see him winning with Cruz taking some of the anti-Trump votes and Trump’s numbers being so high in the sunshine state.  Would Marco drop out if he was promised the VP position under Cruz? I think it comes down to this: Will Marco sacrifice his political career for a chance to win Florida (odds of winning I liken to winning the lottery at this point but I could be wrong) OR will he drop out for “the good of the party” and potentially have a chance to be VP of the USA?

I would think the answer would be an easy one.  Rubio is young- has a whole life ahead of him to further his career- VP is a natural stepping stone to the Presidency.  But politicians are rather narcissistic and I believe he won’t quit- he will trudge on, probably ruining both his career and contribute to the splintering of the GOP.

When all this is over what will be left of the GOP? Will there be a contested or brokered convention that many seem as inevitable given the current delegate count and refusal of candidates to drop out of the race? Refusing to consolodate candidates results in dividing the delegates, which almost certainly ensures noone will be able to get the required 1237 to secure the nomination. Way to go GOP! I especially liked Mitt Romney’s Trump bashing the other day.  I am being totally sarcastic as I was actually disgusted.  To think I voted for this man in 2012 (after voting for Obama in 2008 and being disappointed over the next 4 years).  I don’t believe his opinion is warrented in a race he is not involved in.  Romney’s speech just angered me and fueled my desire to get an outsider in Washington.  I hope it did the same for many others- Why does Romney feel we need him to tell us how to feel about a candidate? That’s the elitism persona of the GOP that makes the party unable to reach across the aisle to get voters.  Trump is getting these voters because he does not talk down to his constituents.  He talks about issues facing the middle class.   He doesn’t sugar coat things, but that is his way.  He speaks the language of the people and doesn’t back down when pressed on issues.

Next Tuesday will tell a lot.  Will Democrats continue to Feelthe Bern? Will Rubio still be in the race? Will Kasich win Ohio? Will the anti-Trump ads be effective enough to secure a Rubio win in Florida? Will any candidate on Wednesday morning still be in a position to get the required 1237? Will Republican voter turnout continue to surpass all prior years? Will Democrats become interested and turn out in greater numbers than previous states? Will the Hillary email scandal continue to have little effect or will it become a more pressing issue for the party? (the RNC filed suit today to get her State Department records released). Should be interesting to watch!


Author: midlifemusingssite

Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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