Election Corruption

Presidential Elections in the United States of America are rigged- pure and simple. The election of 2016 has me totally convinced the people of our country are really not part of the “true” democratic process of our country.  The “establishment” of both parties want the public to believe they have a voice- have a vote, but in reality the delagates ultimately vote on the nominee of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

In the Republican National Convention, these delegates are not bound to their candidate IF, in the first round of voting, no candidate has the majority of the delegates needed to secure the nomination. Think about this for a minute…… The delegate for the candidate chosen by the people is not bound to continue to support this candidate after the first round of voting.  These delegates then become “free agents”, able to be “bought off” to vote for a certain candidate the establishment feels “worthy” to represent the party.  Just like congress and the rest of Washington, the wheeling and dealing will commence and the deep pockets of the establishment will almost surely result in the outcome desired by the party.  Or so the establishment wants it to go that way anyway.  In order to win,  a candidate needs more than populist support.  A candidate needs money, lots of it. A candidate also needs the resources of the party in order to launch a successful campaign against the Democratic Party and their establishment’s deep pockets. The establishment is banking on the fact it’s pockets are very deep and they will be able to win out in the end due to their power and influence over delegates and eve candidates in the election.

So far the two leading candidates in the GOP are enemies of the establishment.  Cruz is not liked- too conservative for the base they say.  Trump can’t beat Hillary and according to Mitt Romney (about as establishment as you can get- except for Jeb Bush but that didn’t play out the way they wanted it to) is a “phoney” and a “fraud”.  It doesn’t matter that Trump is bringing in Independents and Democrats into the party- even though that is exactly what the party has been asking for for years.  Trump isn’t indebted to the high paying donors and special interest groups that have controlled Washington I am guessing since day one.  I cannot think of another reason to be so against Trump.  Why destroy a party and guarantee a loss to the Democrats in November if not that? If you were to back the frontrunner  your party would at least have a chance in the General Election.  I mean Bernie Sanders is in the midst of his own revolution and bringing about the same enthusiasm as Trump.  Noone would have predicted a self proclaimed Socialist would have the support of so many.

But just like the GOP, the establishment has no use for a candidate that does not fit their agenda.  Sanders is exposing the corruption of Wall Street as well as the corruption in the party.  Calling on Hillary to release her speech transcripts from her talks to Goldman Sachs and other banks.  He isn’t even discussing the fact she has the FBI investigating her for the email scandal.  He doesn’t bring up Travelgate, Monica, Paula, Vince Foster,….. Which I would imagine a lot of his supporters are unaware of.  They still like him over Hillary- much to the surprise of the party leader.

Yet Hillary is the candidate the establishment wants to run in the General Election.  Does that seem kind of odd?? Why would you risk having a candidate with so much baggage- both past as well as present? The people are rallying around Sanders “feeling the Bern” across the country, yet the media does it’s best to spin it to Hillary’s favor.  They add in Super Delagates before they have cast their vote (Democratic Super Delagates can change their mind before the convention- it happened for Obama), they downplay Bernie’s wins and inflate hers.  Ultimately, they are just as sleezy as the GOP.

I am disgusted with the process on both sides.  What happened to the country created “by the people for the people”??? If the masses don’t really get to choose, then don’t make it seem like they do until their choice doesn’t agree with your agenda. I sense a revolution happening on both sides of the aisle- but not by the actual parties themselves.  this revolution is happening in the masses- the people want an outsider- someone not tied to the establishment.  But the establishment is doing everything it can to prevent this from happening.  House of Cards couldn’t have written a better storyline- except for the fact of how scary this is for our country.

Sanders is raising cash- he can stay in the race till the convention.  I hope he does and fights for a fair electoral process along the way.  Get the media to stop including Super Delagates in the count prior to the votes being cast would be a good way to start.  Continue to challenge the system and energize the base.

As for the GOP, tomorrow will tell a lot and by next Wedesday morning a lot more will be known.  Michigan, Ohio, and Florida are more important than ever before and rubio’s future lies with the state of Florida in my opinion.  I don’t see how he could stay on if he lost his home state- no matter how much the establishment wants him to be “their boy”.  His political future would be all but over if he continued to campaign after losing in Florida.  Same with Kasich and Ohio- although Kasich has a much better chance of winning Ohio than Marco has in the sunshine state.  But anything can happen- polls are nothing but manipulated data so an upset could happen. Trump has to keep momentum going his way- in the face of nonstop attack ads running in Florida paid for by the NotTrump people……. Not Cruz, not Rubio, not Kasich.  His own party establishment who has decided that even though the majority in their party wish him to be the nominee- that isn’t what the elite of the party want.  Therefore, they will do EVERYTHING within their power to tear him down- even if that means destroying their party, losing the election, losing the chance to nominate SCOTUS positions……. How is that a democracy????? How is that going to affect your voters who cast their vote for that candidate?? I am amazed at how out of touch with the “common voter” the GOP actually is.

Both parties are controlled by the establishment.  Both parties only care about special interest and lobbyists and the people who put them in office.  They are indebted to these people-basically owned by these people. Washington is Washington- run and controlled by the establishment to benefit the establishment.  Which is why nothing ever gets done.  Causes championed by candidates during elections never get the help they were promised during the campaign.  Our infastructure is crumbling, lead in the water in Flint Michigan is poisioning the residents there and has been for years.  Where is Washington??? Our country is literally falling apart but yet I don’t see congress or the President responding to this urgent matter.  Now what if this water crisis was happening in Washington DC? Or one of the wealthy Virginia suburbs that border DC? Maybe Congress needs to set up shop in Flint and live what the residents there are living for a month or two.  My bet is the problem would become an issue worth dealing with!




Author: midlifemusingssite

Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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