Election Disconnect of RNC

I started this blog not thinking that the 2016 Election would dominate my postings.  But I am so disgusted with the RNC and their attempts to “control” the nominee of the party that I must vent.  The more I research the political process (both parties), the more I feel the “conspiracy theories” that the entire political process is a sham.

As Rush Limbaugh stated on Fox News today, the Republicans havelong needed to expand their base in order to win elections.  Amnesty and other liberal programs they claim to back, only to not fulfill these promises once in office.  Why would they not want Trump- who HAS increased their base- to be the party nominee?? Stating he can’t beat Hillary doesn’t make sense, when alienating the frontrunner and his followers will only ASSURE a democratic win come November.

There is only ONE reason the establishment can’t handle Trump being the frontrunner of the party- They do not control Trump.  Trump is not owned by banks and lobbyists and special interest groups.  therefore- he will not have his hands tied at the table when it comes to changing policies in Washington.  That scares the HELL out of the RNC.  It could also be the “secrets” that he could expose once in office due to him not being tied to any special group etc. Every candidate up until this election has been won by a member of the establishment.  Democrat/Republican it doesn’t matter.  The Democrats have Super Delagates in plalce to assure a Clinton win- how is that democratic? Watch the news and 99% of the time they go ahead and add Hillary’s Super Delagates to her real count- Why??? the only reason I can come up with is to show the public she is the one to back if you want to back a winner.  Why vote for Bernie if you think you can’t win anyway….. How is this even legal???? The delagates are not committed to Hillary and could vote for Bernie at the delagation for all we know.  They are not committed to Hillary so why put them in the totals??? Not to mention the fact the Democratic Party is backing a candidate who is currently under investigation by the FBI! Could it be that she is controlled by the banks and special interest groups who not only have funded her presidential campaign, but also contributed to The Clinton Foundation, paid to hear her speak, contributed to her husband’s campaigns, …. You get the picture.

The Republicans aren’t so transparant with their deception.  Super delagates aren’t added to delagate totals and I even selected delagates by name in my ballot in the primary.  The delagates were divided up by candidate (there were even Bush and Christie delagates although I don’t know what would happen if I cast a vote for them- would it not count or would it somehow be put into the mix) and I was allowed to select 14 and then another 3 “at large” delagates which also were broken down by candidate.  I assumed these delagates were supporters of their candidate and didn’t really think much when selecting names.  But now with talk of a brokered convention, I conducted a little research regarding the delagates I cast my ballot for.  Please note I knew NOTHING of these delegates- had never heard their names- and had no way of researching their position on issues prior to entering the voting booth.  I now find out that if on the first vote no candidate has the majority of the delagates, delagates are not tied to their candidate and can switch.  I also found out that delagates are die hard establishment types who have a goal, but that goal does not necessarily have anything to do with the candidate they are supposedly backing.  What are the chances that the 17 delagates I cast by ballot for are truee Trump supporters? When did they apply to be a delegate? I would imagine many of the delagates I chose are not in their first rodeo….. And that disgusts the hell out of me.  How can we claim our country to be democratic when  our elections are at the very least a little “shady”?

As sad and scary as it is- it is the only thing that makes sense.  Mitt Romney would rather throw away the 2016 election to the Democrats- along with the appointment of Supreme Court Justices that could prove devastating to the founding principles of the Republican Party- than support the frontrunner who is expanding the party.  Think about that for a minute………  Why would he sacrifice such an important Presidential Election- can you imagine if someone did that to him?? But noone did- he lost the election- and now looks like a sore loser.  But mpre importantly, he is exposing the Republican Party for the elitist party it wants to be.  The problem is- the people are waking up- in both parties.  And they have had enough and want change.

I guess the Tea Party was the beginning.  And the last few congressional elections have shown the American people are sick and tired of empty promises.  The rise of Bernie Sanders- a proclaimed Socialist shows that even the Democrats are sick and tired of being lied to.  Washington has long promised relief to the middle class, but relief has not come.  I think the evolution of technology and social media have helped educate the average voter to what is really going on.  And Washington and it’s elite establishment on both sides of the aisle think the American public will believe anything they are told.  Arrogant? Yes- But that is Washington.  So out of touch- so believing smoke and mirrors will work time and time again.  Thinking both Trump and Bernie would fade away and not gain the momentum both campaigns have received.  America is waking up Washington- Watch out!

It will be interesting to see how these next few weeks play out.  Romney wants voters to split- Kasich in Ohio/Rubio in Florida….. What a mess. We shall see what America does. Cruz is gaining steam, but I don’t think he can sustain the momentum.  I don’t even know why Rubio is still in the race talking about winnin gflorida while he is like 16 points below Trump! Michigan should tell us if the NeverTrump movement is really working. And honestly, if it is working, I am scared!


Author: midlifemusingssite

Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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