2016 Election

What is going on with this country’s electoral process?? Do we not live in a country where elections are held in order for THE PEOPLE to decide who THEY want to represent their party in the General Election? A country founded on Democratic principles- where the government is created BY THE PEOPLE- FOR THE PEOPLE?? Why is this election so different then elections of years past?

Why is the front runner of the Republican Party being attacked BY HIS OWN PARTY when the American public has overwhelmingly selected him as their favorite in states that have help primaries thus far.  Trump has won overwhelmingly in 10 out of 15 states.  He has bought millions of new voters to the Rebublican party.  He has self funded his own campaign and therefore is not indebted to lobbyists.  New poll numbers show his ability to beat Clinton in a gerneral election.

So what is the problem? One would think if the Rebublican frontrunner was bringing new voters into the party and clearly the frontrunner- the establishment would get behind this candidate (at least at this point- I mean the train is out of the station at this point) in order to galvinize the party in order to beat the Clinton Machine.  Why in the WORLD would you form a super PAC whose SOLE mission is to take down your party’s frontrunner? Why spend MILLIONS of dollars to attack the man who is LEADING your party in the primary??? Does that make ANY sense? Why give the Democrats ANY ammunition? Trashing Trump isn’t going to make him any less popular- if anything you will only fuel his base.

Does Romney get the fact that when he trashes Trump, he also is trashing his supporters.  I feel the establishment is trying to tell Republican voters who to vote for.  To me that is an insult- Are you saying I am not smart enough to make ny own informed decision? Do you think I will listen to your speech and anti-Trump commercials and all of a sudden “get it” and change my vote?  I can tell you- that is a strategy that will back fire.

It is looking more and more like a conspiracy………. To steal the election from Trump in a brokered convention. Romney telling people to vote Rubio in Florida and Kasich in Ohio.  What????  The only outcome of that scenario is Trump not getting enough votes to secure the nomination.  What do you think will happen this summer in Ohio if Trump has an overwhelming majority of the delagates but is a hundred or so shy of the nomination,  The next closest candidate is hundreds of delagates behind Trump.  The public will know this going into the convention.  Does the establishment REALLY think it will be in the BEST interest if the Republican Party to deny Trump the nomination?? I think the public would go nuts! There is NO WAY that would go over well. Trump supporters would leave the party and the problem would be so much worse than it is now.

Why is the establishment so scared of this man? He is funding his own campaign, and in my opinion that is the problem. He will actually be able to get things done without being indebted to special interest groups like EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT has…….. He isn’t owned by big Pharmacutical companies, oil companies, banks….. He may actually be able to get things done in Washington, unlike every other politician who has promised change, only not to deliver the change once elected.

Mitt Romney iis currently talking on Fox news stating he would write in a candidate rather than vote for Trump.  What????? He also talked about a brokered convention and how if Trump had 40% and Cruz and Rubio have 30% each, they should combine delegates and take Trump out.  To me- I am incredibly disappointed in the GOP.  To live in a country where we are SUPPOSED to elect our President by a democratic election, only to have the GOP try and change the outcome by throwing millions of dollars in attack ads, bringing out your 2012 FAILED nominee to trash the leading candidate prior last night’s debate, and publishing letters signed by memebers of congress stating they won’t support this man….. SHAME on you GOP.  SHAME ON YOU!!!

I can’t help but think back to the forst debate when you tried to get Trump to say he would not run as an Independent candidate if he did not get the nomination.  He would not at first, but at least he was honest.  He said if he was not treated fairly by the party, he could not guarantee he would not run as a 3rd party candidate.  I heard Romney today say he hoped if the convention got brokered, that Trump would leave.  What a joke.  I never expected this scenario to be occuring when Trump was asked that question, but how ironic that this is where we are today.  Is the GOP giving Trump fair treatment???

I am fairly sure that NO candidate has ever been treated so poorly by his own party.  If Trump does win the nomination, he may not even get access to the GOP databases etc. In my opinion, these actions by the GOP establishment are downright sickening.  You look like a bunch of spoiked rotten bratty rich kids who just lost the soccer game to a rag tag team from the other side of the tracks.  Mommy and Daddy can’t buy you the soccer win- just like you can’t “buy” the election to get who you want in office!! Quit disseminating the party and get behind your frontrunner GOP!






Author: midlifemusingssite

Independent Skincare Consultant with Rodan+Fields. Mother of two boys (26 and 21) and a 9 year old Yorkie named Buddy.

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